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Study of the Readings

Ed. Joyce Ann Zimmerman, et al.

• Words, Phrases
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• First Two Readings


The Word Encountered

Kavanaugh, S. J.

A Time of Childhood

Darkening skies, longer nights announce the winter of life. But the child in us looks for the sign of love in the sky, the rainbows of fall, the snows that brighten the earth, the arms that reach down to lift us up.


Historical Cultural Context

John J. Pilch

Vigilance and Prayer

Religious prayer is a form of communication directed to a person who is perceived as controlling the general order of existence. In the Bible, this is God.


Thoughts from the
Early Church

Gregory the Great

The day before yesterday, my friends, you heard that an old orchard was uprooted by a sudden hurricane, that homes were destroyed and churches knocked from their foundations.


Preparing for Sunday

Gillick, S. J.

The city of Jerusalem is central to the religious sense of the people. Jesus is speaking to His disciples about the total collapse of the city which has been the symbol of God’s eternal fidelity.


Scripture In Depth

Reginald H. Fuller

Tradition is not something left behind by a Jesus now dead, but a process inaugurated by Jesus in his earthly life and constantly reenacted as a living word