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28th Sunday of Ordinary Time C
October 13, 2013

Study of the Readings

Ed. by
Joyce Ann Zimmerman, et al.

• Words, Phrases
• To the point

• First Two Readings


The Word Engaged

Kavanaugh, S. J.


There are times when we seem to go through life the way some children go through birthday presents. We tear through the wrapping paper of our gifts, piling up the boxes as we move on to the next bright toy.


Historical Cultural Context

John J. Pilch


Jesus as healer was constantly challenging existing boundaries and pushing them ever outward. Sinners, the blind, the lame, and lepers were welcome within the boundaries of the holy community Jesus was forming.


Thoughts from the
Early Church

Bruno of Segni

When Christ the Lord came not all men and women were leprous in body, but in soul they were, and to have a soul full of leprosy is much worse than to have a leprous body.


Preparing for Sunday

Gillick, S. J.

Jesus asks about the other “nine.” I imagine that they were not ungrateful, but more likely not humble enough to admit that once they were outside—different, unwelcomed.


Scripture In Depth

Reginald H. Fuller

It is striking that all ten lepers were healed. The grateful one got no more than the others did, except the assurance from the Lord, “Your faith has made you well.” Nor did the other lepers lose what they had.