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The Second Scrutiny
March 6, 2016

Study of the Readings

Ed. by
Joyce Ann Zimmerman, et al.

• Words, Phrases
• To the point

• First Two Readings

Let the Scriptures Speak

Hamm, SJ

We're All Blind

We are all born blind spiritually, and we do not really see the fullness of reality until we are enabled by baptism and faith to see by the light of Christ, “the light of the world.”


Historical Cultural Context

John J. Pilch

Shocking Behavior

Hostility and enmity toward Jesus are certainly part of this story [of the blind man]. At the same time, there are sincere people really struggling to “see” and “understand” what has happened or who Jesus really is.


The Word Embodied

Kavanaugh, SJ

Escape from Plato's Cave

The healed man was in physical darkness from birth. The sight Jesus gave him not only allowed him to see the world, but to embrace his healer in faith.


from the
Early Church


He who restored the man to health by anointing his eyes with clay is the very one who fashioned the first man out of clay ... this clay that is our flesh can receive the light of eternal life through the sacrament of baptism.


Scripture In Depth

Reginald H. Fuller

The healing of the blind man is, for the evangelist, a Christological sign—it shows that Christ is the light that has come into the darkness of the world. In other words, he is the revelation of God.