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St. Thomas More
Glendale, Arizona
Steve Raml, Director of Liturgy & Music

This Sunday’s Readings
Fifth Sunday of Easter B
May 6, 2012

Procession: "Sing a New Song " Dan Schutte

Gloria: Mass of Renewal, Gokelman / Kauffman

Responsorial Psalm: "Ps 22: I Will Praise You Lord ," T. Smith/J. Smith

Gospel Acclamation: "Easter Alleluia ," Marty Haugen

Preparation of Gifts: "As I Have Done For You,"Dan Schutte

Eucharistic Acclamations: Mass of Creation (Revised), Marty Haugen

Lord's Prayer: Celtic Mass, Christopher Walker

Fraction Rite: Mass of Creation, Marty Haugen

Communion 1: "Come Into My House," David Kauffman

Communion 2: "We Have Been Told," David Haas

Sending: "Join in the Dance,"Dan Schutte

St. Thomas More is a large (3500 registered families) suburban parish in Glendale, Arizona – part of the Diocese of Phoenix. We have four masses each weekend and each almost fill our 1500 seat church. Music at the 5pm Saturday and 11am Sunday masses is led by contemporary ensembles that each include six voices, plus piano, guitar, bass, drums and depending on the mass, flute, clarinet, sax and brass. The 7:30am mass is led by a vocal quartet with piano & flute and our 40 voice choir leads the music at 9am. We create our own worship aids, which allows us to use music from each of the major publishers and occasionally include local composers.

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Art by Martin Erspamer, O.S.B.
from Religious Clip Art for the Liturgical Year (A, B, and C).
Used by permission of Liturgy Training Publications. This art may be reproduced only by parishes who purchase the collection in book or CD-ROM form. For more information go to: