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Feast of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph A
December 29, 2013

Study of the Readings

Ed. by
Joyce Ann Zimmerman, et al.

• Words, Phrases
• To the point

• First Two Readings


The Word Embodied

Kavanaugh, S. J.

Holy Ground

The heart of Christianity
is a transformation of the ordinary, not a flight from it. Incarnation, the central mystery we embrace, affirms that the eternal Word becomes flesh, not flees it.


Historical Cultural Context

John J. Pilch

The Holy Family

Modern Americans who imagine Jesus, Mary, and Joseph as a nuclear family inappropriately transform them into Americans. The Middle Eastern family is enormous and quite extended.


Thoughts from the
Early Church

John Chrysostom

He lies in a manger, yet he rocks the whole world. He is bound with swaddling bands, yet he breaks the bonds of sin. Before he could speak he taught the wise men and converted them.


Scripture In Depth

Reginald H. Fuller

Those who fear the Lord are not tempted to put themselves in the place of God, to boast in their personal achievements.

Such persons are therefore freed to love their neighbor and make it easier for the neighbor to love in return.