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Solemnity of Pentecost C
May 19, 2013

Study of the Readings

Ed. by
Joyce Ann Zimmerman, et al.

• Words, Phrases
• To the point

• First Two Readings


The Word Engaged

Kavanaugh, S. J.

The Difference It Makes

Does being a Christian make any difference? Being a Catholic? On Pentecost we are supposed to celebrate the church, but what is the church?


Historical Cultural Context

John J. Pilch


Crucified just like and between two common criminals, Jesus suddenly seems to be overcome by the deepest possible cultural shame . . . until his resurrection.


Thoughts from the
Early Church

Leo the Great

In itself the feast of Pentecost contains great mysteries relating to the old dispensation as well as to the new, signs which clearly show that grace was heralded by the law and the law fulfilled by grace.


Preparing for Sunday

Gillick, S. J.

Holy Spirit

This Spirit’s coming brings about great changes in the lives of those early “inspired” Jews. The ability to speak and understand different languages is only the first. They were enabled to understand and speak to the differences within the human community.


Scripture In Depth

Reginald H. Fuller

Pentecost Vigil:
The farewell discourses tell us that Jesus dies to make the Spirit available to his own.

The departure of Jesus does not mean that he is now absent. It means his ever-renewed presence through the coming of the Spirit.