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The Center for Liturgy at Saint Louis University
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A. Learning About Liturgy
       1. Information
       2. Documents

B. Preparation
       3. For the Musician/Liturgist
       4. For the Homilist

       5. Stories, Saints

C. Publishers
       6. Liturgical
       7. Liturgical Music

D. Other

       8. Music Study
       9. Liturgy Centers

1. Information about Liturgy

About Liturgy: Some Liturgical links, briefly annotated.
A site about liturgy (not about particular Sundays). Includes General Liturgy links such as to the Dogmatic Constitution on Sacred Liturgy, Mediator Dei, Dominicae Cenae and Mysterium Fidei.
ABOUT: Liturgy: General

Digital Liturgy : Resources for all who help make liturgy.
Answers to questions and comments people email in; articles on ministries; material on planning special liturgies; musicians' discussion group; links to others. Continuing to grow. Does not have specific preparation for the coming Sunday. Digital Liturgy

The Liturgical Year: From Cyberfaith, an "e-zine" for Catholics.
Well constructed page by William H. Sadlier, Inc. that includes descriptions of the liturgical seasons of the year that will be helpful to most people (click the box titled "An in Depth Look"). Liturgical Year, The

Adoremus: From Society for the Renewal of the Sacred Liturgy.
Promoting a more conservative paradigm for Catholic Mass, Adoremus provides a wide palette of "liturgical materials to priests and faithful desirous of a more reverent, traditional liturgy." This includes a number of articles on music and on the meaning of liturgy. Adoremus

Liturgy, Source and Summit: On liturgical planning and meaning.
Explains a method of planning, describes what "existential planning" means, and gives samples for each season of the Church year. Also reflections on "Full, Active, and Conscious Participation" in Liturgy. From Creighton University liturgist Roc O'Connor. Liturgy: Source and Summit of the Christian Life

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2. Liturgy Documents

The Holy See: Catholic documents from the official source.
The Bible, Catechism of the Catholic Church, The Documents of Vatican II, books, and most other documents from the Vatican or the Pope.
Holy See, The

Roman Catholic Lectionary: Information/links on translations editions.
An extensive list of links to lectionary related sites together with tables of all readings for the seasons, and comparison of different editions of the lectionary. Maintained by Felix Just. Roman Catholic Lectionary for Mass

Theology Library: Links to important texts.

An impressive array of links to texts and Church documents under such headings as Church, revelation, liturgy, justice, theology, morality, spirituality, evangelization, and religion. Maintained by Jerry Darring. Theology Library

Liturgiam Authenticam: The Translation Document in English.
The new document on liturgical translations, including portions on use of translations in music. This version has table of contents to access each portion by pressing a link. From The Catholic Liturgical Library. Liturgiam Authenticam - On the Use of Vernacular Languages (May 7, 2001)

General Directory for Catechesis: Important 1997 Vatican Document.
If you find that your assembly, including those with specific ministries, knows very little about the Church and liturgy and maybe even about Catholicism, this document is worth your time. Whole document is on site. General Directory for Catechesis

Christian Classics Ethereal Library: The bible in different translations.
(Douay-Rheims, King James Version, New Revised Standard Version) with commentary from such sources as the Catholic Encyclopedia, Encarta Concise Encyclopedia and Easton's Bible Dictionary. CCEL is located at Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI. Includes also classics such as entire texts of the Church Fathers. Christian Classics Ethereal Library

The Bible Gateway: Look up passage in different translations.
Search any of the following: New International Version, New American Standard Bible, New Living Translation, King James Version, New King James Version, Revised Standard Version, 21st Century King James Version, NIV formatted, Worldwide English (New Testament), Young's Literal Translation, Darby Translation. The Bible Gateway

Universalis: Psalms and readings for Liturgy of the Hours.
Gives complete text of all the psalms and readings for Liturgy of the Hours for each day with provision for the time zone you are in. Much easier than the Office books, which are complex to use and take up 6000 pages. Also lists the readings of the Mass of the day and links you to another site if you want the text of these. Universalis

Lecturas de la Misa: Readings for Sunday Mass in Latin American Spanish.
Handy access to the Latin American Spanish lectionary. Lecturas de la Misa

Catholic Community Online, Liturgy: Links and search engine.
Links to documents and articles concerning various aspects of Roman Catholic Church, including liturgy, such as sacraments, sacred scripture, saints. Catholic Community Online, Liturgy

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3. For the Musician/Liturgist

NPM Music Planning Calendar: Music planning for Sundays and feasts.
You choose a Sunday or feast and after a very brief exegesis of the scriptures, the site gives an exhaustive song list for that day, drawn from Catholic publishers. NPM Music Planning Calendar

The Cyber Hymnal: Christian Hymns to sample.
Christian hymns and Gospel songs from many denominations. Lyrics, scores, MIDI files, pictures, history. Click on a hymn and it plays. Note: copyrighted pieces are for the most part not here. Cyber Hymnal, The Planning guide for musicians, liturgists and homilists
An extensive planning site for liturgists, musicians, homilists, from Oregon Catholic Press. Contains music planner, ordo, prayers, the readings, short commentaries and articles, homilies, and extras (prayers of the faithful, etc.). Cost is $52 per year. Liturgical resources and planning.

From GIA Publishing Company, the site includes artwork for bulletins, sample homilies, scripture commentaries, music and psalm suggestions, scriptural and thematic hymn index, and more. Cost for one user per year is $120, all the way up to 10 user plus 100 Lectors or Catechists for $520 per year. 30 day no risk trial.

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Homilías para cada Domingo: Spanish Homilies from Caracas Venezuela.
Homily for the present Sunday, and a list of reflections about various questions such as "¿Por qué hay que sufrir?" and "¿Por qué Dios a veces no responde nuestras oraciones?" Homilías para cada Domingo

A Catholic Resource for the Lectionary: Go more deeply into the readings.
A fairly lengthy study of (and text of) the next Sunday's Gospel. You cant click "Adult Study," "Children's Story," "Family Activity," or different translations. Written by Larry Broding, a Director of Religious Education in the Diocese of San Diego. A Catholic Resource for the Lectionary

Catholic Homilies and Sermons: Catholic materials, well presented.

A number of features: main two are a list of links to a wide range of homilists from Fr. Cusick to Fr. Greeley for the coming Sunday, and to stories listed by category. Site also recommends books on spirituality and other Catholic oriented books. Catholic Homilies and Sermons

Meeting Christ in the Liturgy: Applying Catechism to Sunday readings.

Calling the catechism "the universal standard of the truth which the Catholic Church believes and teaches," this site selects short portions of the catechism that apply to each Sunday. Meeting Christ in the Liturgy

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5. Stories for Sunday, Lives of Saints

Andrew Greeley Homilies Index: Thoughts on the Gospel.
Part of a much larger site, this page contains a background on the Gospel and a story that might go with it. Andrew Greeley Homilies Index

Illustrations A - Z: Stories and ideas for homilies per Sunday.
Has list of topics by alphabet (e.g., calling, callousness, calm, Calvinism, canonicity, carelessness, carnal, caught, caution . . . ), and a selection of homilies, listed by sections of scripture. Illustrations A - Z

Catholic Pages: Alphabetized lives of saints.
Includes a database of alphabetized saints. Each contains a profile, date of death, other interesting tidbits, and paintings or icons of that saint.

James Kiefer's Hagiographies: Saint's lives.
"Non-denominational" site, but good information on saints and references to books about them, according to the Revised Common Lectionary calendar. Listed according to calendar, opening with the saint of the day. James

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Liturgical Training Publications (LTP): Well-crafted liturgical Information.
Excellent publications directly aimed at liturgical education. A few categories: Children and Initiation , Death and Dying , Environment and Art , Eucharist , Foundations ,Initiation and Catechumenate , Jewish-Christian Concerns , Lectors, etc. Owned by the Chicago Archdiocese.
Liturgical Training Publications (LTP)

Pastoral Press: Wide Array of Books.
Site from which to order Liturgy resource and planning aids directed toward pastoral musicians, as well as academic liturgical studies. Started as a branch of NPM but now owned by Oregon Catholic Press.
OCP Books (formerly Pastoral Press)

Resource Publications: Ministry, worship and education.
Publisher of such pastorally helpful magazines as Ministry & Liturgy , Liturgical Catechesis, other resources ranging from books and music, to media and software, and Christian Music Directories.
Resource Publications Inc. (RPI)

Our Sunday Visitor: Catholic publishing house.
Publisher of the weekly newspaper Our Sunday Visitor for almost a century. Site has on-line articles from periodicals such as The Catholic Answer, My Daily Visitor, The Priest, The Pope Speaks, and Catholic Parent. Also contains Catholic News.
Our Sunday Visitor

Worship and Liturgy Resources: A Catholic
Sells books, videos, CDs and other resources for worship services and liturgy preparation. These are arranged in nearly 50 categories, including homiletic guides, materials on Easter, Lent, Parish Management, the four gospels, and so on. Run by Deacon Sil's Homiletic Resource Center ("A family-owned business since 1998") in New Jersey. A discount on each item, but shipping charges.
Worship and Liturgy Resources

Liturgical Press: Major Benedictine publishing house.
Liturgical Press is publisher of such journals as The Bible Today, Liturgical Ministry, Journal of Hispanic/Latino Theology, New Theology Review, and of the premier Roman Catholic academic journal of liturgy, Worship. Also numerous major books on liturgy.

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7. Liturgical

GIA Publications: Choral and popular liturgical Music.
Features sacred choral music both in the popular and the neo classical/classical paradigms. Publishers of hymnals Worship, Gather, RitualSong and Lead Me, Guide Me , of music collections (CD cassette and printed music) and music education materials. GIA Publications

Oregon Catholic Press: Popular and many other kinds of liturgical music.
Wide variety of composers covering all types of liturgical music. Publisher music of collections (CD cassette and printed music), of the worship aids Today's Missal, Breaking Bread, and The Music Issue, and hymnals such as Glory and Praise, Flor Y Canto, Spirit & Song, and Journeysong. OCP Publications (Oregon Catholic Press)

World Library Publications: Music and liturgical resources.
Site from which to order liturgy and music resources for worship. Publishes (with its parent company J. S. Paluch) the Seasonal Missalette; many worship resources according to season and sacrament, and a growing library of composers (CD cassette and printed music). Oldest of the liturgical music publishers. World Library Publications

Cantica Nova Publications: "New music in traditional style ."
Publisher of newly-written or newly-edited hymnic and choral music
in clasical style for each Sunday. Cross-indexed by type, alphabet, and liturgical seasons and rites. Cantica Nova Publications

Choristers Guild: Publisher and Organization for Youth Choirs.
Ecumenical organization of directors of children's and youth choirs and publisher of music and related materials. Fosters training and educational opportunities for leaders of children's and youth choirs as well.
Choristers Guild

E. C. Shirmer: Classical and Neo-Classical Choral Music.
Lets you look at new music and at the same time hear a recording of it. Such neo-classical composers as Ronald Arnatt, Leo Nestor, Daniel Pinkham, and more. Not specifically Catholic, but certainly useful to Catholic liturgy. E. C. Schirmer Music Company (ECS)

Selah Publishing: For congregations, choirs, and church musicians.
Ecumenical publisher of composers such as Gracia Grindal, Hal Hopson, Richard Leach, Austin C. Lovelace, Joel Martinson, Alice Parker, Craig Phillips, Richard Proulx, William P. Rowan, and David Ashley White. Selah Publishing Company

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8. Music Study

Gregorian Chant Notation: A quick guide.

Short illustrations of the basic neumes of chant, including the "liquescent neumes," with the equivalents in modern notation. This is a page from a personal web site.
Gregorian Chant Notation

Chant Links: Many helpful links.

Large list of links to choirs, recordings, others resources, square note neums on the net and other links re: Chant.
Chant Links

Cantus: A study guide for chant.
Indices of chants in selected manuscripts and early printed sources. CANTUS is a database intended to assist scholars in their study of the chants of the Office.

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9. Liturgy Centers and Organizations

Georgetown Center for Liturgy: Located at Trinity Church in Georgetown.
"The mission of the Georgetown Center for Liturgy is to support and promote the Second Vatican Council's vision of liturgical reform and renewal." Find books and resources on liturgy here, as well as links to other useful sites. Georgetown Center for Liturgy

Notre Dame Center for Liturgy: The oldest of the U. S. Liturgical Centers.
Gives the Mission of the ND Center, its publications, a bookstore, online resources. an online bibliography, women and worship bibliography, an extensive Eucharist bibliography, a list of Liturgy organizations, liturgy Network and resources, and a liturgy and justice bibliography. Notre Dame Center for Pastoral Liturgy

National Association of Pastoral Musicians: Ongoing liturgical renewal through pastoral music.
The National Association of Pastoral Musicians fosters the art of musical liturgy. The members of NPM serve the Catholic Church in the United States as musicians, clergy, liturgists, and other leaders of prayer. National Association of Pastoral Musicians

EnVisionChurch: An online resource concerned with liturgy, spirituality, and sacred art and architecture.
Georgetown Center for Liturgy the site creates a forum for learning and networking for anyone who is interested in the construction, renovation, and/or design of worship spaces, the creation of artwork, the enhancing of spaces for the liturgical seasons and other occasions, the celebration of liturgical rites, the interrelationship between art, architecture, liturgy and spirituality. EnVisionChurch

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