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A Message from the Founder
of the Sunday Web Site,
Fr John Foley, SJ
Father John Foley


The latest penalty from coronavirus is the cancellation of important public Masses, not only in the United States but many places throughout the world. What can we do? Not attend Mass, since this would imply meeting with more than ten persons. When possible we might be able to get a video of the relevant Mass on TV or the internet. Though not a real celebration of the Mass, such would be a worthy participation in Lent and Holy Week.

Another solution would be to use the present Sunday Web Site to read and study the readings from the Mass each week, and particularly those during Holy Week and Easter. These form the primary celebration of the entire Church year.

All of us here at the Web Site join with you in praying for a swift ending to this seemingly merciless virus that is plaguing people everywhere. The life of our Lord Jesus shows us the way to approach suffering and even death. That is the lesson we find in the scriptures every week, and it is why we here continue to write each time about the Church’s pinpointed weekly readings for Mass.

As long as you and I are on the topic, you know that we want the web site to remain free of charge for you and for everyone. It is an attempt to focus the Word of God every week in a time of trial. That is why I do ask you now to give support to The Sunday Web Site with a (non-required) donation! 

Such a gift will help add new material, including Spanish resources, so important in our day, and will enable us to reach out to an ever wider audience in this difficult time! You will benefit the Catholic Studies Center in continuing to sponsor this popular liturgical website throughout the USA and the world.

I am inviting you to join our ministry! Contribute whatever you can to The Sunday Web Site, helping to make it free for everyone.


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