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Looking More Closely at the Word
14th Sunday of Ordinary Time
Year B
July 7, 2024
Working with the Word

Study of the Readings
ed. by
Joyce Ann Zimmerman,
et al

• Words,     Phrases
To the point
• First Two     Readings
• Experience

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The Word Embodied

John Kavanaugh, SJ

Prophetic Living

The reason we reject our own heroic and prophetic possibilities, if we are honest with ourselves, is that we know how weak and inadequate we are.

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Historical Cultural Context

John J. Pilch


In the Middle East, a son is expected to take up his father’s occupation or profession. There is no expectation of “doing better than one’s parents” or “getting ahead in life.”

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Thoughts from the Early Church

Symeon the New Theologian

The Christ who spoke then and the Christ who speaks now throughout the whole world is one and the same.

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Let the Scriptures Speak

Hamm, SJ

A Not-For-Prophet Group?

Jesus fit the traditional Hebrew role of prophet. People were amazed that he spoke not as the scribes and Pharisees but as one having authority.

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Scripture In Depth

Reginald H. Fuller

Mark introduces one of his reminders of the impending passion into the early part of his narrative.

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