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Ideas for General Intercessions

These ideas are designed to be starting points for the prayers of a particular community of faith.

Joe Milner

For the Church: that we may follow Christ, the head of the Church, more closely and continue his mission of reconciling others to both God and one another

For this community of faith: that our deeds of compassion and loving service may be signs of God’s presence and action in the world

For openness of heart: that we may allow the pain and suffering of others to move our hearts and spirits to a loving response

For insight: that God will help us recognize our neighbor in the refugee, the homeless person, and the marginalized of society, and inspire our response to their needs today

For conversion of our spirit: that God will teach us how to love with our whole heart and guide us in moving our religious ideals from ideas to action

For freedom of spirit: that God will free us from fear, attachments, and wounds so that we may fully respond to all that God asks of us

For a new encounter with the Lord: that through prayer and reflection on the scriptures, we may enter into a deeper relationship with Christ, the firstborn of creation and the first risen from the dead

For all who have been the victims of crime: that God will restore their loss, heal their wounds, and help them to trust others again

For all who care for those in need: that those working in outreach ministries,  housing assistance, healthcare, pregnancy centers, or refugee services may continue to bring God’s love and compassion to those whom they serve

For all who are ill or recovering from surgery: that they may know the tender touch of God through the prayer and care of this community

For healing of racism: that we may be instruments of reconciliation, working for justice, and promoting the advancement of all who have suffered prejudice or discrimination

For growth in respect in civic dialogue: that political leaders may listen to opposing views, respect the dignity of those with different ideas, and strive to find a path that will promote the welfare of all

For better stewardship of God’s creation: that being aware that all creation came through Christ, we may work to honor and protect it as a sign of God’s love for all people

For all who are in transition: that God will guide those in parishes that are being reorganized and ministry leaders who are beginning new roles to find effective ways to listen and to cooperate in bringing forth the reign of God today

For peace: that we may turn to Christ, whose death and resurrection offers the only peace that endures, to bring an end to violence and bloodshed and give us a new vision for cooperation and justice