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1. Daily Reflections: Liturgical and other kinds of spirituality.
One of the very best and most used sites. Creighton University faculty, staff and administrators reflect upon the daily readings (as well as Sundays). Contains also an online Ignatian retreat, viewable talks on Ignatian retreats and spirituality, and other excellent resorces. Daily Reflections

2. Sunday Reflections: Sunday Mass and Justice.
This site provides commentary pointed toward justice on each Sunday, including quotations from, e.g., the U. S. Bishops, Pope John Paul, Cardinal Martini. Also has "Thoughts for Your Consideration,"—short meditative paragraphs, "Questions for Reflection in your Faith Sharing Group," links to several sites, and a closing prayer. Sunday Reflections

3. Sacred Space: Guided daily prayer.
A very popular site from Ireland that gives a daily prayer (not related to the Mass of the day) and interesting questions to ponder. Sacred Space

4. New American Bible: Arranged according to daily Mass readings.
The New American Bible, official translation of Catholic lectionary reading (about two months are there). This translation was commissioned and is sponsored by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), and is the required text for liturgy in the United States. Find the readings of the day easily here. New American Bible

5. Pilgrim Music: Popular liturgical CDs from various publishers.
An independent site where you can order popular recordings from liturgical composers. Features the most-ordered items first, but with a search function for particular composers. Handy because not limited to any one publisher, and because the interface is quite easy to use. Note: the new St. Louis Jesuits jubilee collection is in stock on this site.

6. Sacred Music Project (Chant): Featuring English chant propers composed by Fr. Columba Kelly, OSB, monk of St. Meinrad Archabbey.
Gregorian chant can be seen as a form of “sung speech.” Its musical rhythm is inspired by how the sacred text would be spoken in a large group at a solemn liturgy by a good lector. Settings that are posted here are primarily of the proper antiphons of the Mass as given in the current English translation of the Roman Missal. Chant instruction and free downloads of Proper of the Mass chants used by St. Meinrad Archabbey for each Sunday of the year. Sacred Music Project

7. Mass Time & Church Locator: Mass times for travelers.
Listing of Mass times in most parishes in US. From Catholic Information Center on Internet. Mass Time & Church Locator

8. Lector Preparation/Lector's Notes: About the readings and proclaiming them
Excellent, up to date information on each reading, preparation in understanding and in proclaiming them. Very good site for lectors, but people in the pews will also find much of interest. There is detailed comment on the readings, with a split screen showing the readings on the left and the analysis on the right. Lector Preparation/Lector's Notes

9. Parish Evaluation Project:
About the parish and its health.
PEP Pastoral Consultants are resources to Catholic parishes, dioceses, religious communities, and pastoral ministries throughout the United States. With expertise gained over the past thirty years, the staff members help these communities in six areas: liturgies, community-building, formation, outreach, administration, and leadership. The site itself has interesting thoughts on each of these and is worth a visit. Parish Evaluation Project

10. Copyright Basics: Specifics about copyright law and the Church musician.
A guide to understanding the nature of copyright for the users of Church music, and to help Church musicians protect themselves and their churches from infringing the legal rights of copyright owners.
Music Publishers Association (MPA)

11. FDLC Liturgical Catechesis: (Part of the Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions website).
The site is beginning with a basic liturgical bibliography with links to those documents that can be found on-line. Future pages will feature articles and essays on liturgy and sacramental theology. The website plans to "communicate to the faithful the basic principles of Roman Catholic liturgy as articulated in the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy" (Delegates to the 2003 National Meeting of Diocesan Liturgical Commission). Liturgical Catechesis Project

12. Liturgical Catechesis: Learn about liturgy and about teaching it.
Helpful links, and also articles largely drawn from Modern Liturgy Magazine and also from Archdiocese of Chicago's (LTP) Liturgy Training Publications. Site maintained by Fr. Jerry Chinchar at the University of Dayton. Liturgical Catechesis

13. Homilias Dominicales: Considerations in Spanish on the upcoming Sunday.
There are two sites with the same name, both containing Spanish reflections on the readings from particular Sundays. The first is Homilias Dominicales, and the second is Homilias Dominicales (part of a larger site).

14. Sunday's Gospel Reflections: Simple but excellent preparation for Sunday.
This site gives the Gospel text, then "Interesting Details" (they actually are), one main point stated in a single sentence, followed by several questions for reflection. It is arranged by the lectionary cycles A, B, C. Subscription can bring the material to you via email. Sunday’s Gospel Reflections


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