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Seventeenth Sunday
in Ordinary Time A

July 30, 2017
Working with the Word

Study of the Readings
Ed. by
Joyce Ann Zimmerman,
et al

• Words,     Phrases
To the point
• First Two     Readings
• Experience

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Let the Scriptures Speak

Hamm, SJ

First Comes the Finding

The reign of God in Jesus' teaching and preaching refers to the end-time coming of God to rescue his people. It is, in other words, the fresh initiative of God inaugurated through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

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The Word Embodied

John Kavanaugh, SJ

The Higher Wisdom

God seems a bit amazed (if God can be amazed) by the fact that Solomon’s deepest desire is not for a long life or riches or success over enemies, but for a heart that can distinguish right from wrong.

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Historical Cultural Context

John J. Pilch

Hidden Treasures

Remember that a parable always points to “something more” or “something other.” The key word here is “joy.” God or God’s reign is the hidden treasure.

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Thoughts from the Early Church


Admittedly, a lamp is precious to people in darkness, and they need it until sunrise. Precious too was the radiance on the face of Moses—and I believe on the faces of the other prophets also.

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Scripture In Depth

Reginald H. Fuller

It is not just pious make-believe to say that everything will turn out all right in the end; it is an assurance based upon what the believers have already experienced from God.

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