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Ideas for General Intercessions

These ideas are designed to be starting points for the prayers of a particular community of faith.

Joe Milner

For the Church: that we may be attentive to God’s presence and action in our lives so that we may be ready to act when God invites

For unending hope: that we may live with an awareness of God’s abundant compassion and look to the future with childlike expectancy for the fulfillment of God’s promises

For renewal of prayer in our lives: that God will help us to quiet our minds and hearts, listen to the movement of the Spirit in our lives, and enlighten us to live the Gospel more fully

For the grace of vigilance: that we may take the Word of God to heart and never be numbed into complacency nor trapped by worry

For the gift of patience: that God will teach us how to wait and allow God’s plan to unfold in our lives and our relationships

For courage in facing suffering: that God will fill our hearts with courage and give us the strength to remain faithful even when tragedy and suffering enter our lives

For this community: that Christ may increase our love for one another and help us to be overflowing with generosity toward all who are in need

For all who live in fear and confusion: that whether they are rich or poor, refugee or famous, they may encounter the light of Christ that will show them the way forward to a fuller life

For freedom from numbness and self-centeredness: that God will help us understand our true calling and focus on loving and serving God each day

For those who have suffered abuse: that God's loving embrace will free them from fear, heal their deepest selves, and bring forth a fuller life within them

For all who are experiencing the collapse of social, political, and economic structures: that they may seek first the reign of God and find their security in God

For all whose hopes are unfulfilled and whose dreams are dying: that God will inspire them with a new vision and a new opportunity to use their gifts to build up the human community

For all who fear the approach of death: that God will free their hearts and help them to look expectantly to Christ who brings life and salvation

For all who are ill: that they may know God’s healing presence and entrust themselves to God’s loving care

For all who are traveling this day: that God will guide them on their way home or back to school, preserve them from harm, and help them arrive without delay\