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Ideas for General Intercessions

These ideas are designed to be starting points for the prayers of a particular community of faith.

Joe Milner

For the Church: that we may be instruments of God’s mercy, guides for all who are seeking God, and companions to those developing a relationship with God

For authentic trust in God: that we may call out in faith, with sincerity and conviction, to God who saves and delivers us from all our suffering and need

For a spirit of hospitality: that our faith community may welcome all visitors as if they were Christ and that our liturgies may help them draw closer to God

For the Jewish people whom God has irrevocably called: that they may experience the compassion and mercy of God more fully

For all who have helped to strengthen our faith, for parents, teachers, and those who give witness by the fidelity of their life: that they may continue to be examples of Christian discipleship to all who encounter them

For an end to racism and prejudice: that God will turn hearts and change minds so that everyone may be respected, and their dignity affirmed

For all people who have experienced prejudice: that God will heal their hearts and help them to continue to use their gifts and talents for God’s glory

For countries and people who are divided by religious belief: that the Spirit of God will bring about new opportunities for understanding and cooperation

For refugees and immigrants, particularly those fleeing violence: that God will ease their suffering, guide them to safety, and stir the hearts of many to assist them

For all who are recovering from hurricanes, wildfires, explosions, or other disasters: that God will ease their pain, give them strength, and renew their hope

For all missing children, particularly those caught in human trafficking: that God will free them and reunite them with their families

For all parents: that God will inspire them and give them the patience to help their children learn and grow during the pandemic restrictions

For all who are sick: that God’s healing love will strengthen them, remove their pain, and restore them to wholeness

For the leaders of our nation: that God will give them wisdom and inspire them in developing new policies on healthcare and assistance for the unemployed

For students, particularly those who will be away from home for the first time: that God will help them learn, stay safe, and find the resources they need to assist them in the coming months

Joe Milner coordinates RCIA and is a member of the Liturgy Planning Team for St. Francis Xavier College Church on Saint Louis University campus in St. Louis, Missouri. For more information about St. Francis Xavier go to:

Art by Martin Erspamer, OSB
from Religious Clip Art for the Liturgical Year (A, B, and C).
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