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First Reading
Joshua 24:1-2a, 15-17, 18b

1. Both the First Reading and the Gospel are concerned with choice. The Israelites gave reasons for choosing to serve the Lord. “For it was the Lord, our God who brought us and our fathers up out of the land of Egypt, … performed miracles, … and protected us.” What is your reason for choosing God in your life?

2. Do you have more invested in a choice you made, or a choice someone else made for you? What are the implications for your family, church, job and community? In your opinion do you think God gave you free will?

Second Reading

Ephesians 5:21-32 or 5:2a, 25-32

1. Compare and contrast the bride with a difficult childbirth and the church with the birth of new ideas. An example of the latter would be some of the family problems addressed in the meetings of the Extraordinary Assembly of the Synod of Bishops.

2. Paul compares husband and wife with Christ and the Church. What is his point?


John 6:60-69

1. Jesus asks, “Do you also want to leave?” If you were there at the time would you be one of the many disciples who returned to his/her former way of life or one that stayed with Jesus? Is there any middle ground here?

2. According to Pope Francis how do we become inserted into Christ’s immense work of salvation? When and how does Christ sharpen our spiritual vision with his love?

  “Lord, to whom shall we go?” We too, who belong to the Church today, pose this question. Even if it is more hesitant on our lips than on Peter’s, our answer, like that of the Apostle, can only be the person of Jesus. Yes, he lived 2000 years ago. But we can encounter him in our own time when we listen to his Word and are near to him in a special way in the Eucharist. … May the Holy Mass never become a superficial routine for us! May we draw more and more from its profundity! It is precisely the Mass that inserts us in Christ’s immense work of salvation, to sharpen our spiritual vision by his love: by his “prophecy in act” with which, at the Last Supper, he initiated the gift of self on the cross; by his irrevocable victory over sin and death, which we boldly and festively proclaim. “We need to learn how to live the Holy Mass

Message of Pope Francis on the occasion of
the National Eucharistic Congress of Germany
 (Cologne, 5-9 June 2013, paragraph 3)

Anne Osdieck
Art by Martin (Steve) Erspamer, OSB
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