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Focusing the Gospel

Key words and phrases: This saying is hard, disciples were murmuring, said to the Twelve, Do you want to leave?

To the point: In this Sunday's Gospel it is not the crowd who murmurs but Jesus' own disciples. Only intimacy with Jesus such as the Twelve experienced can bring anyone to stay with Jesus despite the challenge of what he says. When the disciples hear Jesus' words, they voice what many feel: “This saying is hard.” And indeed it is! The choice that confronts those disciples confronts us: will we accept the hard saying? Will we stay with Jesus or not?

Connecting the Gospel
to the First Reading: Both the First Reading and the Gospel call upon us to decide whom we will serve. The decision is based on our knowledge and experience of what God has done for us, and our relationship with Jesus.
to experience: Sometimes we follow Jesus even without full under­standing or complete conviction. But, like Peter, we know that there is none other to whom we would rather go.
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