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Other Ideas for Sunday
21st Sunday of Ordinary Time
Year C
August 21, 2022

Ideas for General Intercessions

These ideas are designed to be starting points for the prayers of a particular community of faith.

Joe Milner

For the Church: that we may draw close to Christ, who is the gate into eternal life and the way to wholeness

For spiritual growth: that Spirit will help us implement disciplines that will deepen our knowledge and love of God and increase our ability to respond to God’s invitations each day

For unity in the Body of Christ: that Christians from east and west, north and south, may work together in confronting evil, poverty, and disease so that the Gospel may be made known in deeds as well as words

For all who are experiencing trials and disciplines: that God will strengthen their spirits and help them to be open to the pruning and renewing work of God’s Word

For all who are facing difficult choices, particularly about health issues, relationships, or employment: that the Spirit guide them to inner freedom, integrity, and wholeness

For grace to enter through the narrow gate: that the Spirit will guide us in living lives of forgiveness, compassion, self-control, and acts of service so that our lives may manifest the reign of God

For fortitude: that we may resist the easy path of violence, greed, prejudice, and self-righteousness, and strive to encourage and support one another in following Christ in our unique vocations

For courage: that the Spirit will help us hear God’s invitation, respond wholeheartedly to God’s call, and trust that God will provide what seems lacking in our ability

For missionaries and aid workers: that God will renew their spirits and give them the resources they need to support and inspire those whom they serve

For all who are suffering from storms, floods, or other disasters: that God will comfort them, give them strength, and guide them to the resources that they need

For all beginning a new school year: that they may grow in knowledge, wisdom, and virtue and be kept safe from all harm in the months ahead

For refugees and those fleeing warfare: that God will open a path to safety, provide food and shelter for them, and help them to find acceptance in their new communities

For those working to promote racial and inter-religious harmony: that God will guide their efforts and help all to give witness to the dignity of each person

For all who feel unworthy of God and fear death: that they may encounter God’s love for them and recognize that God desires life and wholeness for them

For peace: that God will heal the divisions and mistrust in society, help us to speak respectfully of one another, and to pursue the common good