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Second Sunday In Advent B
December 6, 2020
Larry Gillick, SJ

You may want to pray ahead of time about the coming Sunday's Mass. If so, this page is for you. “Getting Ready to Pray” is to help you quiet down and engage your imagination (not just your mind).

Getting Ready to Pray                     

When there is a messiness around us it is hard to know just where to start cleaning. Beginnings are not always easy.

How to begin a speech or an important paper, how to begin a conversation with the passenger seated next to you on a plane or bus, how to begin preparing for Christmas, how to begin praying, all these are such human struggles.

Grace is always taking new places within us and so our little lives are seemingly always beginning.

Advent is a beginning of the liturgical year and the beginning of our learning about this person, Jesus. The feast on Tuesday of the Immaculate Conception is the dramatic and unusual continuation of the divine beginning.

Grace is always taking new places within us and so our little lives are seemingly always beginning. We had Advent last year and the year before and we are not sure that they did any good.                     

Some Thoughts 

We prepare to celebrate this Second Sunday of Advent by allowing grace into the mess, into the wonderings of how to enter into that conversation which God began by being seated next to us on this flight of life.

We have to make room. Not easy.

God desires to sit right down gracefully in the chaos and bless us by helping us to know the Word of God, spoken once and for all.

This week as we prepare for the liturgy, could we pause at the most messiest time, and listen to hear if we are really alone in it.

Larry Gillick, SJ

Larry Gillick, SJ, of Creighton University’s Deglman Center for Ignatian Spirituality, wrote this reflection for the Daily Reflections page on the Online Ministries web site at Creighton.

Art by Martin Erspamer, OSB
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