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Musical Musings
Second Sunday of Easter A
Divine Mercy Sunday
April 16, 2023
MD Ridge

Making the List, Checking It Twice

Remember what I said during the Triduum about taking notes? Sitting down after the service(s) and jotting down what went on, what might be changed, what worked, what didn’t (and why). Don’t just stash those notes and try to decipher them next Lent. Deal with them now, and you can make next Lent and Triduum a lot easier on you and everybody else.

Take a walk on the beach or a park or anywhere peaceful and outside.

You have time now: the choir and congregation will still be singing Easter music (they will if you planned well); you cancelled rehearsal with a hearty thank-you note to each of the singers and instrumentalists, without whose dedication you would be in the funny farm. 

You have time now: time to go over your notes and translate them into words someone else can read (at least if your note writing is as incomprehensible as mine). Don’t scramble for solutions just yet; simply mention every snag, every blunder, every wrong cue, every last-minute decision that led to near-disaster. Mention everything that went well (and why), all changes that worked, and so on. Write everything down—because otherwise you will forget—and in forgetting, leave the gate open for the same mistakes next year. Keep that document in your computer; during the year, you may think of things to add. During winter Ordinary Time, give a copy of your notes to those who will be involved in planning for Lent/Easter before they gather to do the actual planning.

Now: take a walk on the beach or a park or anywhere peaceful and outside. Hang out with your children or your spouse or partner and really be there for them. Laugh a lot. Be yourself: as the author John Bradshaw used to say, a human being, not just a human doing.

MD Ridge
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Art by Martin Erspamer, OSB
from Religious Clip Art for the Liturgical Year (A, B, and C).
This art may be reproduced only by parishes who purchase the collection in book or CD-ROM form. For more information go

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