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 Discussion Questions
2nd Sunday of Easter
Divine Mercy Sunday
April 7, 2024
Anne Osdieck

First Reading
Acts 4:32-35

1. The early Church’s response to Christ’s life, death, and resurrection was their treatment of possessions. Compare your attitude toward possessions with theirs.

2. Who are the disadvantaged people in your immediate life? Can you take care of at least some of their needs? What, if anything, can you do about the basic necessities of people in your extended world? If you joined forces with another person or group could you do anything to alleviate the suffering of these people?

Second Reading

1 John 5:1-6

1. Does what you have done make you a Christian, or what Christ has done? Which is more important, belief in Jesus or performance of good deeds? If you believe deeply and personally in Jesus will good deeds spring from that belief and love?

2. “ … We know that we love the children of God when we love God and obey his commandments.” Love of God presumes love for others. If the two love are so connected and if one form of love always results in the other, does it matter which comes first?

John 20:19-31

1. Genesis 2:7 says “God blew the breath of life” into the nostrils. … In John 20:22 Jesus breathes on the disciples. Could we pray for the breath of the Spirit to help with problems today? What about police kneeling on a person’s neck like with George Floyd? And problems with breathing due to climate change?
2. Thomas wants an extraordinary sign in order to believe. Jesus shows his wounds to him in an ordinary way, in the community. What does Pope Frances say to us about Jesus coming to us in our community? And in the name of Jesus’ wounds, what would the community’s action be?

Dear brothers and sisters, the invitation given to Thomas is valid for us as well. We, where do we seek the Risen One? In some special event, in some spectacular or amazing religious manifestation, only in our emotions and feelings? Or rather in the community, in the Church, accepting the challenge of staying there, even though she (the Church) is not perfect? Despite all of her limitations and failures, which are our limitations and failings, our Mother Church is the Body of Christ.

And it is there, in the Body of Christ, that, still now and forever, the greatest signs of his love can be found impressed. Let us ask ourselves, however, if in the name of this love, in the name of Jesus’ wounds, we are willing to open our arms to those who are wounded by life, excluding no one from God’s mercy but welcoming everyone, each person like a brother, like a sister. God welcomes everyone. God welcomes everyone.

Pope Francis homily on Divine Mercy Sunday
April 16, 2023


Anne Osdieck

Art by Martin Erspamer, OSB
from Religious Clip Art for the Liturgical Year (A, B, and C). This art may be reproduced only by parishes who purchase the collection in book or CD-ROM form. For more information go