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Ideas for General Intercessions

These ideas are designed to be starting points for the prayers of a particular community of faith.

Joe Milner

For the Church: that we may be transformed through our encounters with the living Christ and be instruments of healing and forgiveness for those who are hurting

For a deepening of faith: that we may grow in our awareness that death has been overcome and that in Christ we shall live forever

For the gift of wisdom: that God will show us how our gifts can alleviate the needs of our communities and help us to use them to serve and build up one another

For all the newly baptized: that they may continue to grow in the Christian life and be patient with themselves as they begin this new part of their faith journey

For all believers: that we may be instruments through whom others encounter Christ and give witness to Christ’s presence by our words and deeds

For all confessors: that they may guide others to a deep and transforming awareness of God’s healing and forgiving love

For the grace to forgive: that the Spirit of God will help us to forgive as God has forgiven us and give us the strength to be instruments of forgiveness in our families and communities

For abiding Peace: that we may know Christ’s presence with us all along life’s journey and be sustained by the peace that Christ offers and that no one can take away

For renewal of our minds and hearts: that the Spirit will empower us to engage in prayer, participate more fully in community and share our resources more generously

For the gift of the Spirit upon the world: that God will breathe the Spirit upon the chaos of our society and its financial and political structures so that the dignity of each person may blossom

For all who struggle with doubts and fear: that Christ may calm their fears, help someone to accompany them, and touch their hearts with peace

For all who must face death each day: that Christ, who once died but who now lives forever, will strengthen and renew their spirits

For a renewed stewardship of God's creation: that as we celebrate Earth Day, God will guide us to effectively care for creation and preserve its beauty and resources for coming generations

For all who are suffering: that God will heal the sick, comfort the grieving, guide refugees to safety, and open resources to those who lack food and medicine

For peace in all the troubled areas of the world, particularly in Ukraine: that Christ's victory over death may bring an end to war, genocide, and inhumane treatment of people and help us to work together to end disease and malnutrition