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Focusing the Gospel

Key words and phrases: John ... “said, Behold the Lamb of God!”, two disciples heard ... and followed Jesus, Andrew ... found his own brother, found the Messiah, brought him to Jesus

To the point: How quickly Andrew transferred his allegiance from being a disciple of John to being a disciple of Jesus! The instant John pointed Jesus out as the “Lamb of God,” Andrew followed Jesus. This encounter with Jesus was so powerful that Andrew immediately went to find his brother Peter, anrounced he had found the Messiah, and brought Peter to Jesus. Encounter elicits allegiance and allegiance generates action.

Connecting the Gospel
to the First Reading: Sometimes the call and who is calling is not clear as in the first reading. At other times the call and who is calling is quite clear as in the Gospel. Either way, when we respond, our life is changed.
to experience: We prize independence. By contrast, the gospel places higher value on our relationship with Christ as our teacher and Savior in the midst of a community of fellow disciples.

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