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Spiritual Reflections on Sunday's Readings
32nd Sunday of Ordinary Time
November 6, 2022
Spirituality of the Readings

John Foley, SJ

Love After Death

I have been with a fair number of people as they died, and each time the event has seemed miraculous.

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In Exile

Ron Rolheiser

The Resurrection

For many people the resurrection is a metaphor, the faith equivalent of the Phoenix-myth: deaths aren’t final and we can, if we do it right, rise from our own ashes.

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Glancing Thoughts

Eleonore Stump

The Real Thing

The problem with the Sadducees is that they can’t imagine anything bigger or better than the small world they know.

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The Perspective of Justice

Gerald Darring

God of the Living

Our “God is not the God of the dead but of the living,” and our religion is not a religion of death but of resurrection and life.

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Discussion Questions

Anne Osdieck

Eternal Life

When you encounter Christ in the Sacraments, in your fellow human beings, in community, might you get a taste of eternity?

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A Poem to
Sit With

J Janda


I am taking away
your heart

and in

I am
my heart

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