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Other Ideas for Sunday
33rd Sunday of Ordinary Time
Year B
November 14, 2021

Ideas for General Intercessions

These ideas are designed to be starting points for the prayers of a particular community of faith.

Joe Milner

1. For the Church: that we may be a light in times of confusion and turmoil through the witness of our lives and our compassionate care for others

2. For the grace of discernment: that we may understand the signs of the times and recognize God’s presence, action, and invitation each day

3. For the gift of hope: that no matter what challenges we face, we may remain confident that with God, all things are possible

4. For all who are facing crisis, loss, or grief: that the Spirit of God will guide them, comfort them, and help them to face the future

5. For the grace of forgiveness: that we may be open to God’s unending forgiveness and share it with those who have offended us

6. For all who live amidst bloodshed and violence: that the blood of those who have died may spur the living to greater efforts for the establishment of peace and justice in every society

7. For those making new commitments: that God will fill with hope those getting married, becoming new parents, making religious profession, or entering new careers, and guide them through all the joys and sorrows of life’s journey

8. For all who are in transition: that God will give them courage in facing the unknown, help them to recognize the gifts God has given them, and open them to new opportunities for growth and life

9. For all who have little hope: that God will open new opportunities for those who lack education, employment, healthcare, or safe housing and help them to move forth in faith

10. For displaced persons: that God will guide those who have fled violence, famine, or natural disasters, keep them safe from harm, and lead them to places of safety

11. For all who suffer with depression: that God will lift the darkness, give them new hope, and help them find support and acceptance

12. For all who have been abused: that God will heal their pain, renew their spirits, and help them to live life fully

13. For all who have contemplated suicide: that God’s love will break into their hearts and help them recognize a reason to live

14. For the Bishops of the United States: that the Spirit will inspire their discussions and guide them in leading the Church to greater faith, hope, and love

15. For leaders of government: that God will give them an understanding of the critical needs of those whom they serve and wisdom to address them