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Looking More Closely at the Word
Third Sunday of Ordinary Time C

January 23, 2022
Working with the Word

Study of the Readings
ed. by
Joyce Ann Zimmerman,
et al

• Words,     Phrases
To the point
• First Two     Readings
• Experience

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The Word Engaged

John Kavanaugh, SJ

Justice Done in Faith

We have pried open a a seemingly closed gap between the world of faith and the world of “real” issues. As a result, we never have to worry about changing our behavior or confronting our culture.

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Historical Cultural Context

John J. Pilch

The Synagogue Scenario

A doubt begins to arise among them: “Is this not Joseph’s son?” Jesus, the carpenter’s son, is stepping beyond the bounds of his ascribed honor, that is, the honor he has by birth.

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Thoughts from the Early Church

Origen of Alexandria

If scripture is true, it was not only to the Jewish congregations of his own generation that our Lord spoke. He still speaks to us assembled here today.

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Let the Scriptures Speak

Hamm, SJ

Scripture on Scripture

This is one of those occasions when Scripture speaks of Scripture, when the Bible becomes a kind of user’s manual about itself.

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Scripture In Depth

Reginald H. Fuller

In the synagogue of his hometown, Jesus lays his cards on the table and interprets his role as that of the Isaianic servant.

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