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Ideas for General Intercessions

These ideas are designed to be starting points for the prayers of a particular community of faith.

Joe Milner

  1. For the Church: that the authoritative teachings of Jesus will guide and challenge us as we seek to be more authentic disciples
  2. For the grace to be grounded in God: that each of us, whether celibate, single, married, or widowed, may seek God first in our lives and love others with the love with which God first loves us
  3. For all who are prophets: that they may understand the mind and heart of God, share God’s Word faithfully and clearly, and awaken new insights for the renewal of the Church and the advancement of the Reign of God
  4. For all who are single: that they may find a home in this community and share their time and gifts so that our witness to Christ may be more effective
  5. For all who exercise authority: that they may use their authority as Jesus did, to free people, to heal the sick, and to build up the community.
  6. For all who are bound by evil: that the Spirit of Christ may release them from addictions, greed, anger, and vengeance so that they may live in the freedom of God’s children
  7. For students, faculty, and staff of Catholic schools: that the Spirit will guide them in growing in faith, offering outstanding education, and serving in love
  8. For all who have mental and emotional illness: that God’s love will strengthen, heal, and sustain them and help us to accompany them along life’s journey
  9. For members of Congress and legislatures: that they will hear and comprehend the needs of the powerless and marginalized as legislation and priorities are developed
  10. For all who are grieving: that they may experience God’s comforting presence and the loving support of others
  11. For all who are held unjustly, for those caught in human trafficking, and for prisoners of conscience: that God will free them and give them strength.
  12. For renewal of the air that we breathe: that God will inspire scientists in finding ways to cleanse the atmosphere and enhance the quality of the air that we all share
  13. For all who are suffering: that God will protect those who are in the cold, guide the unemployed to new job opportunities, and help families find sufficient food
  14. For healing and strength: that God will heal the sick, curb the transmission of the coronavirus, sustain all who care for the sick, and guide those who are working to administer the vaccine
  15. For Peace:  that God will impel leaders to a deeper dialogue that will promote safety and development for all people

Joe Milner coordinates RCIA and is a member of the Liturgy Planning Team for St. Francis Xavier College Church on Saint Louis University campus in St. Louis, Missouri. For more information about St. Francis Xavier go to:

Art by Martin (Steve) Erspamer, OSB
from Religious Clip Art for the Liturgical Year (A, B, and C).
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