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What is this?
A new teaching with authority.
He commands even the unclean spirits and they obey him

The Retired MD

I have held
bodies of children
releasing their
last breath

and have heard
the blind, the lame
the deaf—trying
to take another step

I have seen tears
and listened

and in listening
the healing began

slowly, I’ll grant
you—but definite

as the changing
in color
of winter trees

dreaming of spring—

earth is for the living

J. Janda

J. Janda’s poems have appeared in newspapers, magazines, anthologies, and literary publications, as well as in books of his own poetry.

The present poem comes from the Janda's book, In Embrace.

Art by Martin (Steve) Erspamer, OSB
from Religious Clip Art for the Liturgical Year (A, B, and C). This art may be reproduced only by parishes who purchase the collection in book or CD-ROM form. For more information go