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Other Ideas for Sunday
Solemnity of Our Lord
Jesus Christ, The King
of the Universe, A
November 26, 2023

Ideas for General Intercessions

These ideas are designed to be starting points for the prayers of a particular community of faith.

Joe Milner

1. For the Church: that we may recognize Christ in one another and honor the dignity of each person to whom God has life

2. For all leaders of Christian communities: that they may be shepherds like Jesus who gather the lost, bind up the injured, and encourage the weak so that all may know the fullness of life

3. For the grace to live in the Spirit of Jesus: that we may be willing to take the first step in helping others without expectation of their response or a benefit for ourselves

4. For dynamic faith: that in times of chaos and confusion, we may be confident that Christ will defeat all evils, including death, and lead us to the fullness of life with God

5. For the suffering, forgotten, and marginalized in society: that God will shepherd them, heal their wounds, and lead them to fuller and more fruitful lives

6. For all who work to relieve the suffering of others, particularly relief workers and parish volunteers: that they may show God’s compassionate care and be strengthened by God’s Spirit each day

7. For world leaders: that their hearts may comprehend the depth of human suffering that exists and urgently strive to address the needs for food, clean water, safety, and healthcare for the human family

8. For all who have experienced violence or abuse: that God will heal their spirits, free them from fear, and help them to live life fully

9. For all who are suffering: that we may feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and assist the sick and dying

10. For a new appreciation of creation: that we may have gratitude for the beauties of creation and strive to preserve God’s handiwork for the good of all the human family

11. For all who are away from home and loved ones, particularly members of the military and relief workers: that God will preserve them from harm, give them strength for their service, and lead them home safely

12. For an end to prejudice and discrimination: that the lives of Black Catholic leaders may inspire us and call forth a renewed dedication to Catholic Social Principles

13. For all who are held unjustly: that captives will be released, those caught in human trafficking will be freed, and those wrongly convicted will gain freedom

14. For all who have died: that they may be welcomed into eternal life and share in the joy of God’s presence forever

15. For Peace: that God will guide negotiations in bringing an end to violence and warfare, protect children and the elderly from harm, and deepen the respect for all human life

Joe Milner coordinates RCIA and is a member of the Liturgy Planning Team for St. Francis Xavier College Church on Saint Louis University campus in St. Louis, Missouri. For more information about St. Francis Xavier go to:
Art by Martin Erspamer, OSB
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