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When preparing music for your assembly do you consider:

the time of day
the make-up & size of the assembly at this particular mass
any recent happenings in the parish, community, city, state or nation which might be reflected in the prayer of the assembly (a parishioner dying of cancer, a flood, civil war, elections)
the unique resonance of your worship space
Your music ministers:

their unique abilities
instrumentation (one instrument, two or more?)
vocalists (cantor, small group and/or choir)
presentation (cantor with organ is different from cantor with piano which is different from cantor with keyboard which is different from cantor with guitar…)
where they are located in your worship space

the Readings (including Responsorial Psalm)
the planned homily, presider input
Liturgy Committee recommendations
reflections by other ministers (Eucharistic Ministers, Readers, Greeters, Ushers, Dancers, Servers, any other minister involved with this Liturgy)