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Spiritual Reflections on Sunday's Readings
December 25, 2022
Spirituality of the Readings

John Foley, SJ

Giving and Receiving

I used to second-guess myself on every gift I shopped for.

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In Exile

Ron Rolheiser

An Invitation Inside of Christmas

What is Christmas? Hardened shepherds and power-prone kings finally bending knees and hearts before a helpless baby?

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Glancing Thoughts

Eleonore Stump

The Good News

What did the Savior, with his beautiful feet, bring? What is the good news?

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The Perspective of Justice

Gerald Darring

Tidings of Great Joy

The “tidings of great joy [are] to be shared by the whole people,” and no one is to be left out.

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Discussion Questions

Anne Osdieck

Do Not
Be Afraid

If you wanted to find God today where might you start looking? Do you think the shepherds were the same people after their experience?

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A Poem to
Sit With

J Janda

to be dispossessed

is also to possess

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