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Focusing the Gospel
(Vigil Mass)

Key words and phrases: how the birth ... came about, before they lived together, angel of the Lord appeared, he will save, God is with us, did as the angel of the Lord had commanded

To the point: This gospel begins with Joseph’s experiencing inner turmoil (“unwilling to expose her,” “decided to divorce her”) and moves to Joseph’s grasping events in which salvation is happening (“through the Holy Spirit that this child has been conceived,” “he will save his people”). He did as the angel commanded: “do not be afraid,” “take Mary,” “name him Jesus.” And so Salvation was born. Then. And now in our lives.

Focusing the Gospel (Mass at Night)

Key words and phrases: went up from Galilee, the time came, no room for them, glory of the Lord shown around them, Glory to God in the highest

To the point: Joseph and Mary must have been beside themselves, arriving at Bethlehem to find “no room for them in the inn.” They accept the kind offer of a stable where, in its little light, the great Light of the world is born and the “glory of the Lord” shines forth. Light and glory shine forth in the humble birth of “a savior ... who is Christ and Lord.” May that Light and glory shine forth always!

Focusing the Gospel (Mass at Dawn)

Key words and phrases: Let us go, made known to us, When they saw, made known the message, glorifying and praising God

To the point: Enlightened by the revelation of the angels, the shepherds go “in haste” to find the Light of the world. Finding this Light “lying in a manger,” they hasten to make him known to all whom they meet. Like the shepherds, we too must hear the revelation and hasten to find this same Light of the world. We too must make him known to all whom we meet. The Light shines. Let us be on our way!

Focusing the Gospel (Mass during the Day)

Key words and phrases: In the beginning, the Word was God, this life was the light, shines in the darkness, From his fullness we have all received

To the point: God’s Word is an eternal word, present at the beginning of creation and present to us now. God spoke a creative word “In the beginning,” incarnated a glorious Word at that first Christmas, and continues to speak to us a saving Word, the “only Son, God.” May this Word be for us the “true light” that leads us to the fullness of grace and truth.

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