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Perfected Revelation

The “epiphany” of Jesus, his revelation to the world, was accompanied by the offering of three gifts, each of which symbolized a different aspect of the divine/human savior.
Frankincense is offered to Jesus, the Son of God, the eternal Word of the Father who is worshiped with the Father and the Spirit.

Gold is offered to Jesus the King of the human race, the summit of creation.

Myrrh is offered to the divine/human savior of the world who suffered and died for the salvation of all.

Jesus is revealed in our own day also. He is revealed as the Word of God speaking to us in the marvelous workings of nature, in the achievements of the human spirit, and in the dialogue between Church and world.

He is revealed to us as King in every victory over ignorance, alienation and powerlessness. He is revealed to us as Suffering Messiah in the heart and face of every poor person, every stranger, every wanderer living in a back alley or under a bridge, every person victimized by others.

  “His glory has shone among us.” We have only to recognize him and to do what the magi did in his presence: “They prostrated themselves and did him homage.”
Jesus perfected revelation by fulfilling and manifesting himself: through his words and deeds, his signs and wonders, but especially through his death and glorious resurrection from the dead and final sending of the Spirit of truth.

Vatican II, Constitution on Divine Revelation,1965: 4

Gerald Darring
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