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Spiritual Reflections on Sunday's Readings
Solemnity of the Nativity
of Saint John the Baptist
June 24, 2018
Spirituality of the Readings

John Foley, SJ

What's in a Name?

Today’s Gospel narrates a wrangle about the naming of John the Baptist, and out of courtesy, I need to go back a few pages in Luke’s story to remind you why.

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In Exile

Ron Rolheiser

The God Who Was Revealed in Christmas

Like John the Baptist, our impatience for truth and justice makes us want and expect a messiah who comes in earthly terms, all talent and muscle, banging heads together so as to rid the planet of falsehood and evil.

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Glancing Thoughts

Eleonore Stump

Success and Failure

What person who is past adolescence does not remember his youthful enthusiasms with perplexity? What happened to those dreams, those hopes, those great desires to serve the Lord gloriously?

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The Perspective of Justice

Gerald Darring

Change of Life

John the Baptist had the task of preparing the people immediately before the arrival of the messiah. His message was one of repentance, change of life, metanoia. His baptism was a sign of change, of turning things around, in the direction of God.

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Discussion Questions

Anne Osdieck

The Lord Grows

What in this reading tells you John was a humble man? Did John direct people’s attention to himself or to Jesus?

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A Poem to
Sit With

J. Janda

I know when
stand up—when
sit down

nothing is
from me

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