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Ideas for General Intercessions

These ideas are designed to be starting points for the prayers of a particular community of faith.

Joe Milner

For the Church: that we may speak a word of hope and mercy to all who are burdened or searching for a better life

For the grace to forgive: that we may have the courage to forgive freely all who injure us just as God has forgiven us

For single-heartedness: that God will heal our divided loyalties and enable us to place every aspect of our lives in God’s loving hands

For a spirit of service: that we, like Simon, may help others bear their suffering and be instruments of God’s love and compassion to them

For the grace to empty ourselves: that we may join Christ in letting go of control and relying on the power and love of God to sustain us each day

For all who are suffering, particularly Christians in the Middle East, Nigeria and China: that God will sustain them and help them to give faithful witness to the Gospel

For all who have been humiliated or unjustly accused: that God will give them strength and help them find their value in being children of the Father

For all who have been condemned to death: that God’s Spirit will help them turn to God and find hope and peace

For all who have suffered abuse: that God will heal their pain, renew their sense of dignity as a child of God, and help them to live life fully

For governmental leaders: that God will help them to lay aside personal gain and follow the example of Christ in making service of those in need a guiding principle of their work

For all the Elect and Candidates: that God will deepen their desire for the Eucharist and fill them with love through the Holy Spirit

For all who are held unjustly, particularly victims of human trafficking:  that God will free them and restore them to their loved ones

For all who are experiencing small deaths in relationships, health or employment: that God will sustain them, guide them through the painful time and help them to grow into new life

For all who are recovering from storms and floods: that God will give them strength and help them find the assistance they need to rebuild their lives

For peace, particularly in the Middle East: that the passion of Christ will break down the barriers that divide opponents and open new efforts for peace, justice and understanding

Joe Milner coordinates RCIA and is a member of the Liturgy Planning Team for St. Francis Xavier College Church on Saint Louis University campus in St. Louis, Missouri. For more information about St. Francis Xavier go to:
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