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Spiritual Reflections on Sunday's Readings
Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity B
May 27, 2018
Spirituality of the Readings

John Foley, SJ

Show Us

Our life’s breath is now to be Christ’s life and breath for all ages. The Holy Spirit, which is now marked by the Father and Christ, comes to make us children of God, to be his presence in this world.

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In Exile

Ron Rolheiser

Eucharist as God’s Physical Embrace

Words, as we know, have a relative power. In critical situations they often fail us. When this happens, we have still another language, the language of ritual.

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Glancing Thoughts

Eleonore Stump

Persons All the Way Down

There is a story told about an old lady who believed that the world is flat and rests on the back of a giant turtle. When she was challenged with the following question, “Yes, but what does the turtle rest on?” she replied carelessly, “Oh, it’s turtles all the way down!”

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The Perspective of Justice

Gerald Darring

People of God

Ours is a Trinitarian religion. The Trinity is the source of our faith as well as the goal of our lives. We long to live for all eternity the life of the Trinity. Meanwhile, the Trinity is for us the model towards which we strive as a community.

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Discussion Questions

Anne Osdieck

Perfect Love

Moses couldn’t imagine anything comparable to the love God had shown his people. What, in God’s plan of salvation, was Moses not aware of?

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A Poem to
Sit With

J. Janda

I place you on
for a very

special reason

but you won’t
find out unless
you ask me what
the reason is

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