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A message from Center for Liturgy founder Fr. John Foley, S. J.

Picture of John Foley, S. J.Dear friend of the liturgy,

I am asking that you support The Sunday Web Site with a donation. We want the site to remain free of charge for you and for all.

Your donation will allow this website to continue. You will help pay the salary of our webmaster—who works long hours to create and edit the site 52 weeks per year. You will help add new material, including additional Spanish resources. Your funds will enable us to reach out actively to a wider audience. And you will help sustain the Center for Liturgy at Saint Louis University that makes all this possible.

I invite you to join this ministry by contributing. Please help keep The Sunday Web Site free for everyone.

Thank you so much,

John Foley, S. J.

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Fr. John Foley is the Founder and Director of the Stroble Center for Liturgy at Saint Louis University. He writes music for the Church and a weekly reflection for the Sunday Web Site.

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