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Spiritual Reflections on Sunday's Readings
First Sunday of Advent A
November 27, 2022
Spirituality of the Readings

John Foley, SJ

A Wake Up Call

Peace in our day. What a great promise at such a time as ours. Too good to be true? Just pious thought?

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In Exile

Ron Rolheiser

Moral Intelligence

Moral intelligence is a sensitivity to the deeper contours within life.

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Glancing Thoughts

Eleonore Stump

Left Behind

The people who laughed at Noah’s boat were so evil that they could be waked up to their spiritual peril only when the water rose.

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The Perspective of Justice

Gerald Darring

Preparing for Christ

The season of Advent is a time for us to wake ourselves up and begin preparing better for the coming of Christ.

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Discussion Questions

Anne Osdieck


How can you become more aware of the ways Christ comes to you? Did you find Christ today?

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A Poem to
Sit With

J Janda

Jesus Speaks

A child is not supposed to lift heavy things alone.

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