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Administered by the Center for Liturgy at Saint Louis University

Each year the Center for Liturgy places eight students in parishes to assist with the liturgy and learn from liturgical leaders. The placement carefully matches the student intern with the needs and spirit of one of the parishes in the St. Louis area.

During the year, members of the Center staff provide regular mentoring and feedback sessions, resources for understanding liturgy and liturgical seasons, a weekend retreat focusing particularly on the internal, spiritual grace of liturgy, and an important three-day liturgy workshop.

(1) Fulfillment of Saint Louis University Goals:

As a Jesuit institution, Saint Louis University works to create “men and women for others.” These are persons who listen to the voice of God within their hearts and translate it into a life for others. Through the VOICES program, the Center for Liturgy has partnered with SLU to emphasize the crucial importance of liturgical life to this mission.

The Christian, Catholic Church possesses a deep story about all reality and God’s initiating part in it. By continuing to tell the life, death and resurrection of Christ in word and in sacrament, the members maintain and rediscover their God-given identity both communally and personally.

Behind every person’s activities in daily life there exists a deep story. This is an understanding of life that everyone in the culture shares but cannot put into words, that tells us what the culture is about and who each of us is. So too in the liturgy. Students continue to find their identity under God in the profound presence they find in the Eucharist.

It is within such a broad identity that the individual finds, develops and renews his or her own personal identity and calling.

(2) Qualifications for Applicants:

• Desire to gain experience in Catholic parish liturgy and/or music
• Ability to effectively communicate with various groups within a parish
• Ability to effectively handle the details of an independent project and also experience a broad sense of parish life and ministry
• Sophomore, junior, or senior class standing at the start of the internship period
• No previous education, training, or experience in parish ministry is required.

The Liturgical Internship Program has been highly successful since its inception. Students have found not only fulfillment in the work they do, but also in the companionship with each other.


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