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An international work of Saint Louis University, the Sunday Web Site has had one and a half million page views in the last 16 months. It provides a way for Catholics and other liturgical Churches to pray, peruse, and understand the readings that are the focus of the coming Sunday’s Mass.

People from the whole assembly use the Sunday Web Site, from Presider down to the people in the pews. This fulfills the Second Vatican Council’s prescription for a weekly alternation between public worship on Sunday and personal prayer and preparation during the week..

A. Saint Louis University Student Writing:
Student reflections form an integral component of the site. Considerations are written by students of Saint Louis University and consist of thoughts and a prayer specifically for college students concerning the specific Sunday Mass.

B. The Main Site Offers Four Entrances to the Spirituality of Sunday’s Mass:

(1) PRAYING TOWARD SUNDAY: Prayer to aid contemplation of the Sunday readings:

(2) SPIRITUALITY FOR SUNDAY: Spirituality drawn from the Readings for the coming Sunday together with the Season of the Church year. We believe that spirituality is essential to participation in the Mass.

(3) GET TO KNOW THE READINGS: Not homilies but ideas on the readings, expert analysis of them and the culture they came out of. All new each week.

(4) MUSIC OF SUNDAY'S MASS: Four to six carefully selected parishes through this country provide a listing of what music each of them has chosen for a Sunday.

We also offer sample General Intercessions done by Joe Milner of St. Francis Xavier (College) Church located on Saint Louis University's campus.

The Sunday Web Site has been in operation since December, 2001*.

*Creation of the Web site was funded by the Raskob Foundation for Catholic Activities and Our Sunday Visitor, and has continued with support from the I. A. O'Shaughnessey Foundation, the Koch Foundation, and voluntary contributions from individuals and parishes who use the site.


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