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Teaching and Scholarship

The Center for Liturgy’s director, Fr. Foley, is Distinguished Liturgical Scholar in the Department of Theological Studies at Saint Louis University. Among his courses he has taught 'Liturgy and Sacraments' and 'Beauty as a Road to God.' The latter is an inter-departmental doctoral course, team-taught with Professor Eleonore Stump of the Philosophy Department.

Fr. Diederich, having spent a lifetime teaching liturgy to theology students, now teaches German, Latin and Greek to Saint Louis University students. He is now completing long research into the origins and the differing versions throughout history of the famous medieval prayer, Anima Christi, or “Soul of Christ.” This rhythmic prayer has been a part of the prayer tradition of many saints, including that of St. Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Jesuits.

Fr. Foley has written the book Creativity and the Roots of Liturgy as well as scores of articles and book chapters, including:

• Review of the book Creative Spirituality by Robert Wuthnow. Theological Studies, December 2002 edition
• "All at Once the Music Changed"—chapter in the book Toward Ritual Transformation, The Liturgical Press, 2003.
• "Why Are They Writing All This Music?"—chapter in the book, Postmodern Worship and the Arts (ed. D. Adams and M. Moynahan), Resource Publications, 2002
• 30 entries in Worship Music: A Concise Dictionary, ed. Edward Foley Capuchin, The Liturgical Press, 2000.
• "Media And The Spirit of God: Redefining The Human Person" The Way, 1998
• "The Challenge of Composing for the Church," (The Pastoral Musician, 1997)
1996-97 Articles in Today's Liturgy (Oregon Catholic Press)
• "Liturgy as a Work of Art"
• "Liturgy as Narrative: the Church Enacts Who It Is"
• "Liturgy As Ritual: Why All the Repetition?"
• "Desire for God, the Engine for Personal and Communal Prayer"

Fr. Foley, Sr. Carol Marie, and other members of the staff have taught seminars or symposia in Big Sur, Boise, Camden AL, Cape Fear, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbia MO, Ft. Walton Beach FL, Grand Island NY, Grand Rapids, Hamilton Ontario, Honolulu, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Omaha, Phoenix, Rolla MO, Le Roy NY, St. Louis, San Antonio, San Diego, Seattle, Shreveport, Spokane, St. Paul MN, Toledo, Warrenton VA, Wilmington NC, Winnipeg, Washington DC and Wichita KS, to give a sampling.

Paul Hasser and Scott Pluff teach a one-year course to the VOICES student interns. They cover such topics as the content of the Eucharistic Liturgy the shape of prayer services, liturgy of the word, decor within sacred space, etc. Please see the Internship Program section of this web site for more.

The Center for Liturgy at Saint Louis University sees teaching and academic research as integral to its mission. Without a theoretical and historical understanding of ritual, mythos, theology, the gospel, dogma and arts such as music, the other activities of the Center would lose their grounding and purpose.

It is obvious that in a Catholic university the liturgy must be, in fact and in theory, the summit toward which the activity of the Church is directed and the fountain from which all her power flows.


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